We help keep you cool when your plant heats up


We keep you cool when technology heats up


When critical systems can’t risk failure, we keep you cool

  • ECUs
  • Portables
  • Custom Units
  • Integrated Systems

Air Rover is a leading U.S. manufacturer of high reliability precision engineered environmental control systems used in Aerospace, Defense, and Commercial applications including radomes / satellite communications base stations, command centers, and shelters of all types. The designs are rugged and range from 1.5 to 10 tons available in an assortment of BTU/Hr cooling and heating capabilities. They are offered in packaged, skid-mount, wall-mount, trailer-mount and other configurations. Air Rover's UAV ground-support cooling carts integrate environment control units (ECUs) with generators atop mil-grade trailers.

Custom solutions for the most demanding applications are available.

Among the many uses of Air Rover commercial portable air conditioners are supplemental, after-hours, or temporary cooling for a variety of purposes including IT data centers, clean rooms, manufacturing / process facilities, hospitals and more. Known for their extended life, 25-year-old Air Rover portables cool our Texas manufacturing plant today.

With a proven, 30+ year heritage in high reliability HVAC portable products for a wide variety of applications, Air Rover continues to lead the way through technological innovation.