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We help keep you cool when your plant heats up


We keep you cool when technology heats up


When critical systems can’t risk failure, we keep you cool


We keep your dish cool so your signals stay strong

  • ECUs
  • Portables
  • Custom Units
  • Integrated Systems

Air Rover is a leading U.S. manufacturer of high reliability precision engineered environmental control systems used in Aerospace, Defense, and Commercial applications including radomes / satellite communications base stations, command centers, and shelters of all types. The designs are rugged and range from 1.5 to 10 tons available in an assortment of BTU/Hr cooling and heating capabilities. They are offered in packaged, skid-mount, wall-mount, trailer-mount and other configurations. Air Rover's UAV ground-support cooling carts integrate environment control units (ECUs) with generators atop mil-grade trailers.

Custom solutions for the most demanding applications are available.

Among the many uses of Air Rover commercial portable air conditioners are supplemental, after-hours, or temporary cooling for a variety of purposes including IT data centers, clean rooms, manufacturing / process facilities, hospitals and more. Known for their extended life, 25-year-old Air Rover portables cool our Texas manufacturing plant today.

With a proven, 30+ year heritage in high reliability HVAC portable products for a wide variety of applications, Air Rover continues to lead the way through technological innovation.