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Outdoor Areas

Hard-Side Shelters

  • Some of our ECUs include a unique feature that makes them ideal for cooling tents when ducting is not practical. They consist of a split cabinet whereby the evaporator section of the unit is placed inside the tent (conditioned space), and the condenser section is placed outside. The split condenser and evaporator sections allow the tent wall to slide between them, eliminating the need for ducting.


  • Air Rover’s world-class field deployable environmental control units are engineered for cooling sensitive electronics and/or personnel in tents during peace-keeping and combat missions. The ECUs are designed with a skid base that includes heavy duty lifting handles and provisions for inserting wheels or leveling stands to accommodate easy mobility.

Outdoor Pavilions/Temporary Cooling

  • Special events (weddings, anniversaries, private parties, fundraisers, sporting events, etc.) often bring up concerns about how to keep guests and family members comfortable. Air Rover offers a practical solution by providing a line of portable air conditioners best suited to ensure a comfortable atmosphere for these events.

Air Rover portables are also used to cool support systems and for direct cooling, as well as for area cooling applications.