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ECUs and Integrated Cooling Cart Systems


Military Facilities


Aircraft Support

Air Rover provides cooling and heating solutions for a variety of military-related applications, such as:

Aircraft Ground Support

  • Air Rover Flight Line integrated ECU systems, aka Air Rover "cooling carts," are fielded around the globe and provide essential ground support cooling of avionics aboard US military UAVs and other aircraft. The carts consist of an environmental control unit and a power generator mounted on a trailer. They are designed to meet the most stringent requirements for military ground support and maritime cooling and heating applications.

Hangars / Military Facilities

  • Cooling large facilities like hangars, barracks or warehouses can be challenging. Even in the most extreme heat, there is still a mission to complete. Whether for CONUS or OCONUS locations, or on field deployed operations, Air Rover environmental control units ensure your organization's temperature-sensitive electronics, communications equipment, computers, test devices and all IT support equipment perform as expected, even in the hottest, harshest, and grittiest conditions.


  • Air Rover offers marine-hardened, corrosion-resistant, ultra-light environmental control units that not only meet, but exceed the strict MIL-STD-810 standards for use onboard space-restricted, hot sea vessels. Our ECUs also feature up to 25kW of optional electric heat for extreme cold applications.