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Let’s face it — we live in a technology-driven world. Having electronic equipment at our fingertips is not only our way of life but is crucial for efficient business operations. Even more essential is the need to maintain these sensitive electronics in optimum operating condition—avoiding unanticipated failures and catastrophic losses caused by overheating.

Whether safeguarding your own investments or helping your customers protect theirs, consider portable air conditioners from Air Rover. Our sales team and engineers will assist you in selecting the right configuration and accessories for your facility or project.

Air Rover units may be:

  • wall or ceiling mounted
  • placed in a corner on the floor
  • placed in another room with filtered, cold air ducted in via floor, ceiling or wall vents

Air Rover’s portable air conditioners provide much needed cooling—and heat, if needed; resulting in long-lasting, worry-free operation of your electronic equipment.